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Since 2007, It's Gonna Happen™ has been in the hearts and minds of Chicago fans. Our sports fan shop is dedicated to making sure this message is heard throughout the entire franchise. With your support, we're going to cheer them to victory. Our signs are more than a simple message; it's a beacon of hope for our team.


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About It's Gonna Happen™

Help your team make it to the World Series by showing off your support with a sign that states "It's Gonna Happen™." Fans throughout Chicago, Illinois, have counted on us to help them show their support for the greatest baseball team around. We are a sports marketing company that sells signs for baseball events. Holding one of our signs not only shows your support, but makes you a part of the team.

For more than 10 seasons, we've been uniting the fans with one goal in mind—to win the World Series. Believe it, the dream, and it will come true. Once we reach that milestone, the players will be rejoicing in the amount of fans that are holding a sign that states "It's Gonna Happen™" on it. Send your IGH pics to @ItsGonnaHappen on Twitter™ and we'll post them on our website.


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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